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1.935 Watts of power vs 450
Watts on the other leading 15"
vacuum bag sealer.

2. A Softer Gasket around the
sealing chamber allows for less
pressure while  down to start the
sealing process.

3. The Rubber Coated Power
Switch keeps you safe from
electrical shock while using the
machine with wet hands.

4. Choose between the White
Powder coated Pro-2100 or the

Stainless Steel Pro-2300.

5. The Easy Clean Round Edge on
bottom of the "trap tray" where
fluids collect.
(No Chance of Germs hiding in

6. Convenient Exterior Cord
Storage at rear of the machine.

Easy Clean - Tough and Durable
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6 More Reasons To Buy Our Machine
Over "The Other Leading Brand"
" I have been looking
online for months for
just the machine you
offer. The videos were
DYNAMITE and were
extremely helpful in
making the decision
to buy. There are a lot
of people out there
that want more then a
Food Saver TM. I am a
caterer who makes
his own Gravlax and I
will save BIG with this
unit. There are always
other things we
prepare that help to
make margins better
if you can keep them
for a long while."

Cisco Machada
Pro-2300 vacuum sealer in Canada

For Commercial or Household use, these high-powered, award winning designed
vacuum sealers get the job done with ease! Simple to use, with results that are
comparable to a professional, commercial unit costing thousands. Perfect for
protecting domestic meats, game, fish, vegetables or your personal possessions
from the harmful effects that oxygen or freezer burn may cause. Uses a double
piston pump system to insure an “Air Tight Seal.” Capable of 28 and a half inches
of vacuum seal that will keep food fresh 5 to 6 times longer than traditional
storage methods.
  • Commercial-grade Vacuum Sealer with an extra large Teflon Bar for sealing bags up to 15” wide
  • Double piston vacuum-pump delivers 28” HG vacuum strength with 935 watts of power
  • Heavy-duty construction for top-of-the line performance
  • Preserve foods 5-6 times longer than traditional methods
  • Easy to use, bright LED lights let you monitor the stages of the sealing process
  • Automatic Mode has simple one-touch operation...let the on-board computer handle the rest, from
    vacuuming to sealing
  • Manual Seal Mode lets you customize & control the amount of vacuum pressure desired for
    sealing soft foods, photos, valuables or delicate objects
  • See-thru acrylic vacuum lid for perfect bag alignment while sealing
  • Fan-cooled motor
  • Detachable power cord with convenient cord storage compartment
  • One-year limited warranty

Capable of sealing bags up to 15 inches wide, this sealer is the largest of its
type in the industry, making any big job a breeze! Using the finest materials,
and industrial construction, this machine is designed for a lifetime of use and
durability. We guarantee it!

Using a patent pending transparent “sealing window” allows you to view the
power of the vacuum removing the air from the vacuum bag, as well as
helping you guide the bag into the air channel for accurate sealing.

The bright LED lights let you monitor the stage of the sealing process at all times. Choose either Automatic or Manual mode on the Vacuum Sealer. If you
choose the Automatic mode, the on-board computer will sense the optimal time to change from Vacuuming to Sealing. If you choose the Manual Mode, you can
custom control the amount of air removed with the simple touch of a button. This function is most suitable for vacuuming soft foods, photos, valuables or
delicate objects
"I have owned Foodsaver
TM, top of the line and a
Vacumaster ARY 5.

The seal on this PRO
2100 is the best home
sealer I've ever seen. It
is also the easiest to
use. All I want it to do is
keep doing what I've
already experienced.

It is exactly what you
advertised, and Thank

Darrell McMahan

Serving Canada with vacuum sealers and vacuum sealer bags and vacuum sealer rolls
Consumer NOTE : Our Pro-2100/2300 machines  
will work with Foodsaver TM bags! Other companies selling a 15" sealer say they don't.   
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